Sam Hughes, The Schmo, and UFC Fight Night: Holm vs Vieira recap


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Jim and Matt talk with Sam Hughes and MMA personality The Schmo, and recap UFC Fight Night: Holm vs Vieira, on today's episode of UFC Unfiltered!

The Schmo, also known as Dave Schmulenson, makes his UFC Unfiltered debut to start the show. He opens up about which UFC fighters were apprehensive about The Schmo's disposition, explains how he got Henry Cejudo to be a co-host of his podcast, and offers his take on Saturday's controversial main event between Holly Holm and Ketlen Vieira.

Then, after Jim and Matt offer their take on the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial, Sam Hughes calls in after her TKO win against Elise Reed on Saturday. She shares how coach Sayif Saud's advice between rounds two and three motivated her to get the finish, details how she was able to find success in mixed martial arts despite discovering the sport just six years ago, and explains why she called out Daniel Cormier for saying she was a quitter after a loss earlier in her UFC career.

Jim and Matt close the show recapping their favorite performances from UFC Fight Night: Holm vs Vieira, including Michel Pereira's win over Santiago Ponzinibbio, and Chidi Njokuani's first-round stoppage victory against Dusko Todorovic.

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