Episode 7: Righting An Upside-down Philosophy


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Ted welcomes guest and friend Candice Frankel, a college counselor with 25 years of experience. Candice founded her own company, Frankel College Counseling, to assist students and their parents in the application process. In addition, she created The Edwin, a personalized organizational tool designed to yield fantastic college options.

As her own 10th grade daughter has recently become a client of Ted’s company, Candice reflects on her experience with college prep as a parent vs. as an administrator. Ted probes deeper into why parents might need a professional college counselor to guide them and their child in their college process. (4:35)

Candice and Ted discuss the college counselor cynicism spectrum; namely how much should a counselor or parent encourage a student to tailor their experiences to a particular college’s application. Candice sees this situation as a problem, an “upside-down” way to address a student and their goals. (9:50)

Ted and Candice discuss the best time to start thinking about college, common misconceptions about the application and admission processes, and the benefits of college tours. (16:14)

Ted asks Candice the Question of the Day, a writing and language problem from the old SAT format. This particularly tricky question reminds Ted of what he misses about the old SAT and hates about the new one. (25:14)

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