Episode 11: Clowning Toward Infinity


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Ryan Harrison returns to discuss some of the most common SAT/ACT conspiracy theories, myths, and old wives tales out there. First, though, the guys share a few of the school-themed nightmares they’ve experienced while asleep. Ryan’s range from getting in trouble with his parents to getting lost in the hallways, while Ted’s are of a more musical variety. (4:00)

Myth No. 1: The tests are easier or harder depending on which test date you take them. (5:30)

Myth No. 2: Test prep is all about learning “the tricks.” (10:10)

Myth No. 3: Some colleges prefer scores from one test over the other. (20:30)

Myth No. 4: The SAT was designed to identify gifted students. (24:33)

Myth No. 5: The ACT is actually a circus put together by a band of clowns. (34:32)

Listen in as Ted asks Ryan to determine which myths are true and which are false; the answers may surprise you! They also dive into the origin stories of the tales and whether even the false ones have a kernel of truth deep within.

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