True Crime NZ Investigates: INCESTUOUS CHILD ABUSE


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When we stummbled upon the alarming high number of victims of sexual abuse by the time of adulthood - True Crime NZ decided to look into this subject matter a little closer. Opening a dialogue into taboo topics is never easy, but we must examine our own reluctance and courageously wade into this unconscious quagmire if we’re going to help.

This episode will be slightly different from our usual content. Instead of investigating a case, we will be investigating a subject, a difficult topic to discuss, with the goal of trying to understand and ultimately, equip us better to help victims of incestuous child abuse in NZ.

If you need help for any of the topics discussed in the episode. Resources and support are availble. You are not alone.

Child Abuse PREVENTION Resources:
Oranga Tamariki—Ministry for Children
Help Auckland
Are you OK
Child Abuse Prevention Parent Helpline - 0800 568 856

Visit for additional information on this case. Including a transcript of this episode, with supporting pictures, sources, and credits.

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