Case 16: The Lundy Murders (PROLOGUE)


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PALMERSTON NORTH. MANAWATU. 30th of August 2000. 9.30am. Christine’s brother James Weggery arrived at 30 Karamea Crescent in the suburb of Kelvin Grove in Palmerston North. James knew Christine’s routine well, he knew she would be home after taking her 7-year-old daughter Amber to school. Although, James had been having difficulty getting Christine on the phone; he decided to just head over to her house. Christine had been working on the accounting for James’ trucking business and his taxes were due at the end of the month; today.

James Weggery approached the Lundy residence. He knocked on the front door. No answer. James already knew Christine’s husband Mark would not be home as he was in Wellington on business but Christine was always home at this time. Furthermore, the curtains were still pulled and her car occupied the car port. James wandered the property looking for signs of life. Something’s wrong, something’s off; James thought.

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