Horus Heresy - Best Ranged Units? Lascannon Squads, Vets Ect...


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Trident Wargaming - Horus Heresy - Best Ranged Units? Lascannon Squads, Vets Ect...

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Andy, Alex and Dan Jump into this episode chatting about the Ultimate Legion Astartes Weapon the Dreaded Lascannon. The more games we play the more we see players taking the Legion Heavy Support team equipped with Lascannons. The Question is are they the Be all End all for the weapon choices? We also take a look at what some counters to this unit may be and also check out the Differences on Veterans and why they can be very versatile. Come join us and lets us know what you think.

Show notes:

Intro & hobby Front 1:52 -17:25

The Ultimate Weapon Lascannons?? 17:30 - 35:48

Veterans vs Recon Marines vs Seekers 35:55 - 53:55

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