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I feel like I say this about a lot of my friends that I have on the podcast, but John Caution is one of the weirdest and funniest people I know. I’m happy to talk to John endlessly about funny things that people we both know did 15 years ago, but, in this interview, we talk about the legacy of Weekend Nachos.

We talk about the trolling instinct, the impulse to create — either in riff form or otherwise, and being in a band that defined the identity of a lot of angry but funny social misfits.

I laughed pretty hard during this interview, and I laughed even harder while relistening to it. John’s instinct for saying hilarious things and pushing people’s buttons remains as strong as ever, even as a suburban father.

John is currently working on a book detailing the history of Weekend Nachos, so wish him happy and painless writing on that endeavor.

Learn more from John here:

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Show Notes:
  • [01:03] Spontaneous experimental trolling — and how the trolling instinct helped create Weekend Nachos
  • [13:57] How Weekend Nachos incorporated both anger and humor into their music
  • [19:30] Creating a blend of different styles of music that sounds cohesive
  • [23:58] Having a brain that is constantly full of riffs — and the social consequences thereof
  • [35:20] John is a suburban dad now and will call the cops on any local punk shows.
  • [44:17] Does John want his daughter to get into punk? And how extreme music helps people channel aggressive emotions.
  • [50:20] John’s experiences with therapy, marriage counseling, and dealing with negative emotions as an adult with a family
  • [01:05:10] The forthcoming book on the history of Weekend Nachos
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