James Pligge (Harm's Way) Round II


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James Pligge is back by popular demand. This time, we talk about some of the many misconceptions that people have about James and Harm’s Way — as well as James’s ill-fated attempt to make a protein shake with Coca-Cola.

To be honest, talking about making a protein shake from Coca-Cola probably doesn’t do a lot to correct any of those popular misconceptions about James…

Either way, this is a hilarious conversation. James explains why Harm’s Way is more influenced by The Jesus Lizard than by Madball and also ridicules contemporary powerlifting culture.

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Show Notes:
  • [01:19] The challenges of remote learning (and teaching)
  • [10:25] James’s hatred of metalheads in high school
  • [15:20] The tribalism of adjacent subcultures
  • [22:20] James’s tough guy reputation
  • [28:23] Misconceptions that people have about Harm’s Way — and the challenges of making your art legible to an audience that doesn’t share the same background
  • [37:33] Powerlifting has become embarrassing
  • [47:40] James’s Coca-Cola protein shake
  • [52:15] Writing music in quarantine for the next Harm’s Way album
  • [01:06:40] The artistic direction of new Harm’s Way material
  • [01:16:45] How to follow Harm’s Way online. And the importance of Interpunk and No Idea Records mailorder on our development years.
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