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Dave Bland is one of the most creative drummers currently playing extreme music. While technical wherewithal with blindingly fast blast beats is always appreciated, the ability to adapt to the varied styles present on Full of Hell records as well as the more straightforward death metal of Jarhead Fertilizer requires much more perspicacity.

I first met Dave over 10 years ago when he was a high school student who left to go on tour with Full of Hell without his parents’ permission. Since then, Full of Hell has grown into one of the best bands in extreme music, and Dave’s drumming has become unbelievably impressive.

Dave’s death metal project Jarhead Fertilizer finally released their debut full length album this year on Closed Casket Activities after letting it marinate for several years.

In this interview, Dave discusses his difficult upbringing as well as his late father’s run ins with the law — and how those experiences shaped him as well as proving inspiration for Jarhead’s music.

Dave also discusses his best tips for smoking meats (he works as a chef while not touring) and whether he prefers small or big sunglasses.

Learn more from Dave, Full of Hell, and Jarhead Fertilizer here:

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Show Notes:
  • [02:10] Dave’s tips for smoking meats and wearing shades
  • [10:54] The evolution of Jarhead Fertilizer
  • [13:51] Dave’s late father’s wild life story — and how that comes out in Jarhead’s lyrical content.
  • [26:00] Lessons learned from Dave’s upbringing
  • [33:50] Meeting Spencer and joining Full of Hell as a child
  • [41:40] Dave’s skills as a guitar player and how he writes Jarhead Fertilizer songs
  • [46:00] Dave’s forthcoming solo record — and how he things about collaboration, improvisation, and writing songs with a focus on drums
  • [56:20] Creating a cohesive vision from disparate influences
  • [01:06:30] All of Dave’s upcoming releases — and starting a YouTube channel
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