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Remember in school when the snazzy collegiate prof handed you a syllabus? (Ha ha) Syllabi were great because you knew what to study, when to study it, and someone who actually knew what they were doing gave you the right order to study the stuff. No matter what era you were born in, whether you’re an old fogie like me or a young gun, the “syllabus of professional skills” has been the same for pretty much all time. And, it ain’t changin’ any eons soon. Problem is, I’ve never seen one, so I had to invent my own.

In the lesson, I share my very nicely organized roadmap of skills building. It’ll help you get those skills built in the right order and with compounding effect to the amazement of your soon-to-be envious co-workers, not to mention your forever-grateful customers (whoever they might be)!

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