How to Evaluate a Job Offer


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All that money. I’m just gonna take it. Not. So. Fast.

Today, we are the sum total of the decisions of our yesterdays.

Don’t get technical on me. Yes. I know some were born with a silver spoon. Others came from the school of hard knocks. Whoever you are. Wherever you started. You are a byproduct of your decisions.

The longer term you think, the better short-term decisions you make that eventually pile up to a high mountain of long-term goodness!

Enter the job offer to test your mettle.

Jim, a member of our beloved community, asked me during one of my Live Office Hours shows how to determine whether a job offer was in alignment with his career goals.

I squealed with glee at this question because it gave me a chance to give you a formula to avoid one of the biggest mistakes many professionals make.

Here’s the long-term, thoughtful approach in a short-term-9-minute package on how to evaluate a job offer!

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