12 Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities


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Would you love to learn some nifty tricks for discovering more job opportunities? Who wouldn’t? Right?! Wait. It gets even better. I sat down. Put on my executive recruiter hat.

Listed out how I and the milewalk recruiters used the sites like LinkedIn, Google, and other webpage-tracking tools and so forth to discover job candidates.

I included the adjustments we’d make as recruiters to widen the job candidate pool for our clients. Then, I flipped everything as if I was a job candidate looking for companies and roles. And, voilà, there you have a slick, double-secret, dozen-trick formula to uncover more opps.

I even, for an added dash of piquancy, threw in a few bonus tricks related to your cover letters and recruitment screens. Served up all these techniques in today’s podcast called 12 Secret Tactics to Find More Job Opportunities!

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