Self-Discovery Through Travel with Sonia Cruz Oro


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Have you ever been on a vacation or retreat and noticed a heightened awareness of the sights and sounds around you? Probably, it’s because you’re out of your routine, and you’re open to new experiences.

That’s exactly the mindset you need to make changes in your life and career. With this open mind, you can influence who you want to BE, what you want to DO, and what you want to HAVE.

Well, I met a colleague who uses travel as a tool for self-discovery. And, I was so intrigued by her approach that I thought you might like to meet her, too.

Sonia Cruz Oro has a story that will inspire you if you’ve ever felt as if getting away from it all is what you need.

Sonia is a certified travel coach, an organizational psychologist, and founder of Travel Awakens. Having experienced her own transformation through travel, Sonia helps individuals, couples, and groups to enjoy travel as a means to achieve the experiences, goals, and personal change they seek. Using her psychology and executive leadership background, Sonia is the author of How to Create the Life You Desire and host of “The Travel Coach” podcast series.

So, if you love to travel, have some bucket list destinations in mind, and want to explore who you can become in 2022, Sonia can make it a transformative experience. So, please tune in and get her best tips to make your next trip truly the trip of a lifetime.

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