Making Self-Care Impactful with Angela McKay


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In this episode, we talk about a subject many women SAY is important, but they DO very little to practice in a way that makes their life better. Of course, we’re talking about Self-care.

Are you the woman who wears the weight of the world on your shoulders; are you overwhelmed and driven. Do you take pride in the fact that you’re a do-it-all woman?

If you are, you are in excellent company! I TICKED OFF ALL THOSE BOXES when I was a corporate career woman. And so did my next guest, which is why I’ve invited her to join me on today’s episode.

Angela McKay is an HR Executive, wife, and mom who learned the hard way that she needed to prioritize herself amidst all the busyness. As a result, she became committed to taking the cliche out of self-care and now helps others put themselves first. She works with overwhelmed, driven, do-it-all women to help them set aside more meaningful time for themselves.

Her tips are pure gold if you struggle with finding the best way to make self-care impactful for yourself. Don’t miss this one!
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