Laid Off? Faux-Fired? Now What? with Robin Merle


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I’m so excited for today’s episode because my guest and I share a passion for guiding people through tough career transitions so they feel inspired to thrive.

Robin Merle is a certified fundraising executive for billion-dollar organizations and a veteran of the power, value, and identity wars at the top. She is the award-winning author of Involuntary Exit, A Woman’s Guide to Thriving After Being Fired.

Robin has raised more than a half-billion dollars in philanthropy, served as a board member for three nonprofits, and was named 2017’s Woman of Achievement for her leadership in fundraising and commitment to supporting women in the field.

She is the founder of The Professional Guide, a witty, honest resource to help women take action on professional experiences that aren’t up to their standards. In addition, she’s a frequent speaker on leadership, including most recently at Chief, one of the largest national networks of C-Suite women, and at the 10th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference at The Johns Hopkins University.

Her credentials alone were enough for me to invite her to join us today, but wait till you meet this down-to-earth lady. You’re going to love her as much as I do.

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CFRE, Award-winning Author, Speaker & Founder of The Professional Guide



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