Behind the Series: Skeptical Faith


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There are some questions and objections that keep skeptics from seeking faith. You may have asked those questions privately yourself. So if people are asking those questions, that's even more reason to tackle them head-on.

Pastor Mike is joined by Time of Grace Creative Media Director, Nhia Yang, to give a sneak peek at July's TV message series, "Skeptical Faith." Nhia, a former skeptic herself who became a Christian in college, fires a few tough questions at Pastor Mike as he dives into the series.

They also mention this month's resources, "More Tough Questions and How the Bible Answers Them" and "Tough Questions, Reasoned Answers." With biblical insight and practical wisdom, these two books show you how to communicate what Christians believe while also inviting others to meet the loving Savior whose truth sets us free. Get this set at with your gift to the ministry.

Also mentioned in this episode:

– Pastor Mike's Tough Questions series:
– Pastor Mike's book, Gay & God: Loving Everyone God Made and Everything God Wrote. You can get a free e-book version here:

If you have questions and want to know more about God, like what does he think of you, what exactly was Jesus all about, how do you get “saved” and just what exactly does it mean to “get saved,” and what you should do next, we want you to download this free resource Pastor Mike wrote called, The Basics: God. You. Jesus. Faith. Get your free download at

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