Time for bRUNch with Shelby & Christine


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Welcome, friends, We get it; getting out the door for your long run can be hard, and those long miles can feel lonely. Not anymore, cause it's Time for bRUNch! Lace-up and join RRCA-certified coaches Shelby & Christine for a fun, structured long-run workout with a conversation about running, friendship, and life. What makes this a bit different than your typical podcast is that you will be "coached" by two women just like you. Coaches Shelby and Christine both came to running later in life. They soon realized that their running shoes had a magical ingredient that helped them become healthier, happier, more connected, and more confident. Both coaches share a philosophy that YOU are a runner, and you deserve to be supported and encouraged no matter what pace you run or the distance you are running. So, friends, are you ready? Cause Coaches Shelby & Christine have been cookin' up some goodness for you. Let's go; it's time for bRUNch.

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