How grounding, clearing and energetic boundaries lead to abundance with Amirah Hall


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Welcome back to This Sacred Life. Today I’m speaking with Intuitive Visionary, Spiritual Coach, and Master Energy Healer, Amirah Hall.

Amirah uses her expertise to support individuals seeking greater fulfillment in their lives. When she is not mentoring and teaching about manifesting miracles, she travels, dances, meditates and enjoys healthy living.

Points covered in this episode:

Goddess Card Message - Aine - Leap of Faith

Take a risk and put your heart’s true desire into action!

  • Clearing energy blocks
  • How to bring in your aura to soothe hyper-awareness
  • Grounding with the core of the earth
  • The gift of being selfish
  • Walking in beauty
  • “The Divine Union” retreat in Egypt

Learn more about Amirah Hall at and be sure to register for her free Stress Buster guided meditation and check out her New RELEASE: Essential Guide to Spiritual Awakening.

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