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The writers I coach ask me all the time what they should be doing. Whether they are trying to figure out a news hook for a seemingly evergreen story pitch or planning their annual financial goal, they want to know what specific actions to take.

Today’s episode goes beyond any one goal or task, and it’s something that virtually every writer I’ve worked with could spend more time on: Building their belief in themselves.

Many writers are running on less than half a tank of belief, which will only get them so far, especially if you find yourself making a lot of wrong turns that lead to dead ends.

This isn’t just self help (although loving yourself more is a possible side effect). This is what you can concretely work on today: Identify useful thoughts that are true and that you can explore and practice.

You can rebuild your belief system one thought at a time.

I give you a specific exercise to generate and identify useful, true thoughts. Grab your freelance journal and a pen for this episode.

Some of you (often the ones who need this work the most) won’t want to do this. You’ll come back to “Tell me what to do.” I understand what you’re asking, and I’m telling you: This work will push you out of your comfort zone. When you grow and transform in this way, you will have more access to creative ideas, and you will have the energy and drive to see what is truly possible for you in your writing life.


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