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It's been longer than I would've liked since the last episode. I've had coronavirus, and although my symptoms have been squarely in the mild category--I can breathe and take pills to keep my fever in check--I wasn’t recovered in a couple of weeks as I had anticipated. I thought long covid was for people who wound up in the hospital.

Initially, it was a no brainer that I would pull back and avoid any work task that I feasibly could. No internal resistance because the body’s need for rest was so obvious.

And then I started having some moments when I felt better, my brain was clearer, and I thought I could do certain work tasks again

I started with half a Pomodoro at a time. 15 minutes of focus.

This wasn’t stacking a dozen 15-minute blocks. Sometimes one left me exhausted, ready for a nap.

Of course, sometimes I told myself, “15 minutes wasn’t enough” or “I’m never going to get back on top of everything at this rate.” But I also caught myself.

Those thoughts could distract me from focusing, and from experiencing progress. Noticing that I was doing my best was way more useful than wallowing in insufficiency.


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