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Early bird invitations for Freelance Writer Bootcamp will be sent out soon. If you are keen to work with me in my small group coaching program, you’ll definitely want to register now and snag a juicy early bird bonus only for those writers on the waitlist.

Break into your dream publications and get paid well while covering stories that matter. Alumni of my small group coaching program have used these proven pitching processes to break into the New York Times, the Guardian, Bustle, Fodor’s, Condé Nast Traveler, Al Jazeera, the BBC, and many more.

We cover all the external skills to improve your pitch acceptance rate, and the internal mindset work to keep you from getting in your own way.

The next session begins in January 2022. We will have pods at two different times to accommodate freelancers all over the world so that you can get live coaching and live feedback in the pitch workshops. (Of course, all calls are recorded too.)

Join the Freelance Writer Bootcamp waitlist: www.FreelanceWriterBootcamp.com

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