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A full scholarship is available for the January session of my small group coaching program, Freelance Writer Bootcamp.

The program focuses on helping writers improve their pitch acceptances rate, and to get paid well while covering stories that matter.

If you identify as a person of color, are from the so-called Global South, identify as LGBTQI+, and/or identify with multiple groups that have historically been underrepresented in journalism, you are especially encouraged to apply.

This scholarship has been renamed in honor of Bootcamper Yolisa Qunta. She was a well-known and respected freelancer and author in Cape Town who died earlier this year. Yolisa exemplified the kind of writer friend we all want to have: smart, funny, generous, and supportive. I asked her family for permission to use her name and they agreed that it was a fitting memorial.


Click here to apply for the full scholarship to my small group coaching program, Freelance Writer Bootcamp. The scholarship winner will receive lifetime access to all the core materials, live calls, bonuses, plus three private coaching sessions with me. www.rebeccalweber.com/scholarship

Read more about the Freelance Writer Bootcamp program and/or join the waitlist: www.FreelanceWriterBootcamp.com

Request a copy of my free guide on how to pitch and join my email newsletter.

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