The Wheelhouse: Senate On The Line


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Two US Senate contests in Georgia will decide who controls the chamber. Democrats are optimistic after a night of vote counting. How big of an impact will the outcome have on the direction of the country?

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are divided about whether to accept the electoral college vote today, or whether to continue President Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the outcome of the presidential election. Will there be long-term ramifications for democracy? The Trump administration and its supporters have failed to deliver evidence to support their claims of widespread voter fraud.

Here in Connecticut, the General Assembly session begins today. But because of COVID-19, it will be anything but a normal opening day.


Susan Bigelow -- Columnist for C-T News Junkie (@WhatEverSusan)

Mark Pazniokas -- Capitol Bureau Chief for the Connecticut Mirror (@CTMirrorPaz)

Colin McEnroe -- Host of The Colin McEnroe show, and a columnist at Hearst Connecticut. (@ColinMcEnroe)

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