Michonne's Trip Down Memory Lane - Season S10 E13 'The Walking Dead' Recap & Review


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In The Walking Dead's thirteenth episode titled, "What we become," we finally catch up with Michonne on her mission to retrieve ammunition from an island. She was led there by Virgil who we quickly find out had his own agenda.

By the time Michonne catches on, it's too late and she finds herself trapped and drugged. This leads her on a trip down memory lane where her memories aren't exactly the outcome we've seen portrayed on television.

Michonne would find a way to free herself and others Virgil once trapped. However, instead of ammunition, she would find memorabilia that would give her new hope. Our favorite sword swinger would find herself embarking on a new journey.

Hosted by: Timothy Michael, Amy Whisenhant, Benny Adams, Cedric Welton

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