427: "The Door" (FTWD S6E8)


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This may just be the most depressing episode of Fear the Walking Dead yet. And that’s saying something. Remember that time Alicia and a bunch of people were trapped in a basement and she had to euthanize the ones who were bitten? Or how about when Madison died? For many of us, this is worse (and man, just thinking back on those moments, what a bleak show). Anyway, I’m grateful to be joined this week by Rima to help me and all you guys get through it!

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1. Intro (00:00:00)

2. Dead 'Cast Top 5 (00:02:23)

3. News About the Walking Dead (01:15:21)

4. Listener Moans, Groans, & Grunts (01:28:31)

5. End (01:56:59)

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