357: Alasdair Haynes of Aquis discusses their continued strong growth with EBITDA more than tripling during H1


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Alasdair Haynes, Chief Executive Officer of Aquis Plc #AQX discusses their continued strong growth with EBITDA more than tripling during H1.
Aquis Exchange PLC (AQX.L), the exchange services group, is pleased to announce its unaudited results for the six months ended 30 June 2021.
- Revenue increased 37% to £6.7 million (1H20: £4.9 million)
- EBITDA grew to £1.6 million (1H20: £0.5 million)
- Pre-tax profit grew to £1.0 million (1H20: £0.0 million)
- Cash and cash equivalents at 30 June 2021 of £13.9 million (30 June 2020: £11.2 million)
- Membership of Aquis Exchange (AQX) grew to 39 (1H20: 31) and there was a 27% increase in the average monthly usage, in terms of chargeable orders (2Q 2021 vs 4Q 2020)
- Market share of all pan-European trading significantly increased at 5.80% in 2Q21 (4.65% 4Q20, 4.56% 2Q20)
- Overall share of available liquidity of 22%, the highest of any European MTF
- Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) successfully integrated into the Group and multiple enhancements implemented, resulting in a record fourteen admissions completed during 1H21
Post-period highlights:
- Currently tracking in line with market expectations for the full year
- Achieved a new record monthly market share of pan-European trading of 6.2% in July 2021
About Aquis
Aquis Exchange PLC is an exchange services group, which operates pan-European cash equities trading businesses (Aquis Exchange/AQX), growth and regulated primary markets (Aquis Stock Exchange/AQSE) and develops/licenses exchange software to third parties (Aquis Technologies).
Aquis Exchange (AQX) is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and France's Autorité des Marchés Financiers to operate Multilateral Trading Facility businesses in the UK/Switzerland and in EU27 respectively. AQX operates lit order books and does not allow aggressive non-client proprietary trading, which has resulted in lower market impact and signalling risk on AQX than other trading venues in Europe. According to independent studies, trades on Aquis are less likely to lead to price movement than on other lit markets. AQX uses a subscription pricing model which works by charging users according to the message traffic they generate, rather than a percentage of the value of each stock that they trade.
Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) is a stock market providing primary and secondary markets for equity and debt products. It is authorised as a Recognised Investment Exchange, which allows it to operate a regulated listings venue. The AQSE Growth Market is divided into two segments 'Access' and 'Apex', with different levels of admission criteria. The Access market focuses on earlier stage growth companies, while Apex is the intended market for larger, more established businesses.
Aquis Technologies is the software and technology division of Aquis Exchange PLC. It creates and licenses cutting-edge, cost-effective matching engine and trade surveillance technology for banks, brokers, investment firms and exchanges.
Aquis Exchange PLC (AQX.L) is listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the LSE (AIM) market.

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