Snacks with a Purpose: How Yumday uses Snacks to Promote BIPOC and Women-Owned Food Brands


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Women-founded, BIPOC-founded, up-cycled (yes, food can be up-cycled!), gluten-free; whatever your preference of small business snack brand, you can find it in Lia Ballantine’s Yumday’s expansive selection of snacks, subscription boxes, and other curated collections. A few years ago, Lia combined her passions for food and storytelling through a podcast she co-founded, Everyday is a Food Day. The fascinating stories she explored through that platform, various changes that have occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and global realizations about sustainability and representation in the world, inspired Lia to launch Yumday in January of 2021. Yumday is an alternative retail channel for small businesses, which has numerous benefits for both buyers and sellers. Lia explains how she finds the brands that are featured on Yumday, how Yumday facilitates the growth of these other start-up businesses, and her big hopes and dreams for the future!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Lia and her business, Yumday.
  • Ways that Yumday benefits small businesses.
  • The types of brands that can be found on Yumday’s website.
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic shaped Yumday (which was founded in January 2021!).
  • Lia’s professional background prior to starting Yumday.
  • A passion that drove Lia to co-found the Everyday is a Food Day podcast.
  • Hear about the origins of National Donut Day.
  • How Lia finds the brands that she features on Yumday.
  • Marketing that Lia encourages brands to do through her platform.
  • Personalization that Lia’s curated boxes allow for.
  • Lia shares an example of what an up-cycled food product is.
  • Plans that Lia has for the future of Yumday.

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