Robert Baron Part 1: The Scene of the Crime


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January 25, 2017, seemed like any other ordinary day for 58-year-old Robert Baron, a respected business owner of a popular restaurant in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, and a family man. He closed up his restaurant for the evening and then made a quick trip to drive his son home nearby. Robert often spent the night in an apartment above the restaurant so he could be there first thing the next morning for the dough delivery. The delivery driver was accustomed to Robert being there on time for every delivery, but Robert wasn’t there on the morning of January 26. Thinking perhaps Robert was running late or had an emergency, he left the dough out front and went along his delivery route. Robert was supposed to pick his son, Bobby, up for work early that morning. He never showed up, and calls from Bobby’s phone went unanswered. Bobby decided to walk to the restaurant instead. There he found an unfamiliar scene, the dough sitting out front. He made his way inside, and something wasn’t right. Not only was his father not there, but things were out of place. Bobby began calling around, but no one had seen his father. Six years later, Robert’s family is still searching for answers.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Robert Baron, please contact the Lackawanna County District Attorney’s Office at (570) 963-6717.

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