S1:E17 The Ultimate Welcome: Sunday Morning Thoughts for Your Whole Week


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We need to feel like we belong before we can extend an invitation to others. That’s what today’s guest at the Turquoise Table, Whitney Bell, reminded Kristin a few Sundays ago as Whitney gave a sermon at Kristin’s church. Whitney is the middle school ministry director at Kristin’s church in Austin, and she’s guided not only Kristin’s four kids, but scores of middle schoolers in her tenure. And whether you’re in the trenches with teens or looking for more inspiration on how to love deep, you’ll drink deeply from Whitney’s advice. Today Whitney and Kristin talk about practical and creative ways to connect with your teen, even when they shy away from deep conversations, and why it’s important for kids to have trusted adults in their lives in addition to their parents. Kristin and Whitney share insight not only for those of us with teens, but wisdom we can all take away about the power of connection: sometimes the best way to love someone is to sit with them and be, accepting them just as they are. And be sure to stay till the end for a delicious snack recipe that that’ll make your house smell like heaven and become a fall favorite.

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