S1E1: People Over Pixels with Mister Manners, Thomas Farley


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Welcome to The Turquoise Table Podcast with Kristin Schell. Kristin’s guest in our debut episode is Thomas Farley, better known as Mister Manners. Thomas is an etiquette expert, speaker, and author who inspires audiences across America. He’s perhaps best known as the beloved guest in his role as Mister Manners on NBC The Today Show. Kristin and Thomas talk about what it means to be a good neighbor and Thomas gives tips on simple ways to get around barriers that keep us from knowing the people who live near us whether home is the upper West Side of NYC or suburban America. Emphasizing that face-to-face communication is always to be prized over digital connection, Thomas encourages us all to put “people over pixels,” and that life is much sweeter when we are in community with each other.

In Kristin’s Kitchen segment this week, sponsored by Shipt!, Kristin shares her grandmother’s delicious and easy chocolate sheet cake recipe. While she whips up the decadent cake, Kristin invites you to think about the rhythm of your neighborhood and shares a story from a Turquoise Table in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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