S1E6: Invite and Invest: Simple Hospitality with Amy Hannon


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Today Kristin visits with another kindred spirit in the “gathering well” tribe--Amy Hannon. After almost 13 years as a wedding stationer, Amy pursued her dream of opening a kitchen boutique in her community. Amy shares about her new venture, and the namesake of the enterprise--her grandmother Euna Mae--and the unique legacy she created around gatherings that left a lifetime imprint on Amy. She and Kristin also discuss the difference between “hospitality” and “entertaining” and encourage us to never shy away from get-togethers because of a crazy season of life we may be facing. They both admit that they are chronic non bed-makers, and are totally okay with just shutting the door when they have company. Together, they implore us that we don’t have to the perfect hostesses, cooks, entertainers, housekeepers--or whatever other ideals we’re trying to live up to--to have people over to our homes. Kristin’s Kitchen segment features a recipe from Amy’s new book, Love Welcome Serve: Recipes that Gather and Give.


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Amy Hannon:


Amy Hannon's cookbook, "Love Welcome Serve: Recipes that Gather and Give"

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