What Happened At: EA Play Live 2021?


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Refusing to attend E3 2021 because they’re too darn cool, EA finally put on their big summer game show, and it had a little something for everyone! Codemasters showed off GRID Legends – featuring real actors and a proper story mode - and Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends: Emergence was unveiled, with the new season following debuting legend “Seer”. EA Originals indie Lost in Random revealed its ‘dice battle gameplay’, Knockout City Season 2: Fight at the Movies was announced, and Battlefield 2042 showcased its new Portal game mode, where armed forces from several different Battlefield titles (from the 1940’s to the future) can face off.

Ending with a bang, albeit a bang we were anticipating, was the official confirmation that Dead Space is indeed being remade. We didn’t get to see much beyond a dingy, frightening corridor, a brief glimpse of a necromorph, and the world’s most unlucky man Isaac Clarke fiddling with his suit, but the spookums are back in a big way.

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