Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountains: America's Most Popular National Park


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In the second episode of The Travel Agents Podcast, Brian and Will are joined by guest and friend, Tyler Kenepp. The Travel Agents detail their experience in America's most popular National Park and the increasingly popular Pigeon Forge. Stay tuned for this episode's "Interview with a local" where we speak with Leon Downey, the head of Pigeon Forge's Tourism Board. NOTE: Alum Cave to Mount Leconte is a 10.9 mi round trip, I mixed it up with a nearby trail that is considered a bit easier but longer. That trail was called Mount Leconte via Trillium Gap. We did the Alum Cave trailhead since we wanted to at least see the cool cave.
Also, Anakeesta is not in Pigeon Forge, it is also in Gatlinburg.
You can read a detailed travel guide on Medium
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