358- How to Accelerate Learning, Maximize Capabilities, and Boost Effectiveness w/ Dr Raman K Attri


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Welcome to The Today's Leader Podcast Episode 358, Driving a leadership revolution, building tomorrow's best leaders, today. Today's business world is a minefield of uncertainty, with many businesses and industries struggling to hold on, maintain motivation and grow. We have issues in the supply chain, issues with business and consumer confidence, and today's expert is someone that can help businesses take the growth, effectiveness, and efficiency of their people to the next level.
Dr Raman K Attri is a global authority on SPEED. He is the world’s only researcher who has cracked the code on time to proficiency problems in organizational contexts. He is a Published researcher, practice leader, and experienced business manager, has developed strategies to accelerate time to proficiency in organizations and in personal space.
He delivers insights, research, and appeals on making speed and time as new business metrics and how to design the whole eco-system to accelerate complex skills in accelerated times. He speaks exclusively on the concept of speed.
Dr Raman K Attri Contact Details
Website - https://www.speedtoproficiency.com/
Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/drramankattri/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DrRamanKAttri
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