#132: Sylvanas, Vader, and Redemption


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Nick and Katie are back after their brief hiatus this week with a look at two characters and redemption arcs. But first they get into talking about some quick initial thoughts on Grimoire of the Shadowlands (spoiler: Nick didn't like it), which they'll have more to talk about next time. Nick jumps into the main topic talking about how the community is split over the possibility of Sylvanas being redeemed. They talk briefly about the Fate of Sylvanas cinematic from the end of the Sanctum of Domination raid. Nick points out that the cinematic really didn't show Sylvanas' fate, and Nick and Katie speculate about what might be in Christie Golden's Sylvanas novel coming out next year.
Nick then gets back on topic talking about how he thought of another character that committed genocide and did some bad things but was still able to be redeemed, and brings up Darth Vader. He talks about how Vader's redemption is canonical by Luke's action. They also talk about whether Leia or Tyrande was better at avenging the loss of their home and people. They discuss how Star Wars fans had little connection to Alderaan when it was destroyed, but WoW players had a strong connection to Teldrassil, making the destruction of the latter more unforgiveable. Nick then compares Sylvanas to Luke, as the characters age has set expectations that need to be met, while for characters like Vader, their story was over during the relatively short time of the original trilogy.
They also compare Anduin to Luke and evaluate Anduin's relationship to Sylvanas. They talk about how Anduin seems to be the key to Sylvanas' possible redemption. They talk about Anduin has evolved in their relationship and how the tables have turned somewhat. They also talk about how Anduin and Luke had to suffer while Sylvanas and Vader watched, hinting at their coming redemption.
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