67: Your Epic Life Blueprint with Rock Thomas


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Rock Thomas teaches skills that didn't get taught in school in a mastermind fashion. He helps walk people through the minefield of disbelief they have laid around themselves to a brighter better life.

Entrepreneurs Solve Problems - which problem do you want to solve in the world?

The first step is looking at problems you can solve from your current position, what can you fix already before learning new skills?

It doesn't matter where you are from, your upbringing or your education. You still have things you love to do and should be spending your time doing!

Commit to learning everything you can about what you love doing and it will become your way of life.

Take what you have from your childhood and add to it. You have things you are good at so flex those muscles now, but work on growing the skills you are not so good at and you soon be able to flex them too.

Be prepared to work long and hard at the start and you will eventually learn the skills you need to cut those hours down, and start your own company or buy the business. You might be a waiter and start your own restaurant for example.

This information is crucial to believing in yourself and breaking through that invisible barrier to actually achieving what you desire.

Being passionately curious about learning is going to keep you moving forward with honesty and integrity and that can only lead to happiness.

So if you are intrigued, stick with us until the end of the episode to learn exactly how to get into your 'genius zone' and live the most fulfilling life possible.

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