S1E4: How to spot a victim of a scam: Stop Scams


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Synopsis: This is a special-edition podcast series by The Straits Times to raise greater public awareness of the modern scourge of scams in Singapore and globally.

In Singapore, nearly $1 billion has been lost by scam victims since 2016. Mutating and spreading, different types of scams have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, from romance to work. The police are cracking down on offenders. What can you do to protect yourself?

In the series’ fourth episode, ST’s deputy news editor Andre Yeo and journalist Osmond Chia speak with OCBC branch manager Leong Wen Xian, 34, who prevented a housewife in her 50s from losing some $200,000 to fraudsters.

Mr Leong also details the challenges brought on by the pandemic in spotting victims and the new innovations OCBC Bank has introduced in 2022 to combat scams.

Highlights (click/tap above):

00:52 How Mr Leong prevented a woman from losing $200,000 to scammers

06:50 Spotting the signs that someone is being scammed

13:19 Why Covid-19 has make it tougher to fight scams

15:09 Mr Leong on the changes OCBC has made to fight scams in 2022

18:08 Tips from Mr Leong on how to avoid falling prey to scams

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Ep 1 - Near impossible to recover your money once scammers transfer it out of Singapore

Ep 2 - How scammers are buying bank accounts and digital identities of youth for misuse

Ep 3 - Why children are more susceptible to scams than adults

Produced by: Andre Yeo (andrey@sph.com.sg), Osmond Chia (osmondc@sph.com.sg), Ernest Luis and Teo Tong Kai

Edited by: Teo Tong Kai

Read ST's Stop Scams articles: https://str.sg/wWt9

• Anti-Scam Hotline: 1800-722-6688 (9am - 5pm); https://www.scamalert.sg/

• National Care Hotline: 1800-202-6868 (8am - 12am); https://ccs.org.sg/nch/

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1. Preventing a woman from losing $200,000 (00:00:52)

2. Spotting the signs of one being scammed (00:06:50)

3. How Covid-19 made fighting scams tougher (00:13:19)

4. Changes that OCBC had made to fight scams (00:15:09)

5. How to avoid falling prey to scams (00:18:08)

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