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Kids are creative rockstars! Introducing The Story Seeds™ Podcast, where we match kids and their story ideas with beloved authors who grow their story seeds into original, short stories! Follow along on each episode as children ages 6-12 and authors go on inspiring field trips in NYC to grow their story ideas (ahem, seeds!) through conversation and collaboration.

Hosted by kidlit maven and librarian Betsy Bird, this season, you’ll hear 10 never-before heard stories written by your favorite authors, including Jason Reynolds, Dan Gutman, Carlos Hernandez, Aram Kim, Chris Grabenstein, and more. Music by Andrew VanWyngarden, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter/musician and co-founder of MGMT.

Books mentioned in this trailer:

Cat on the Bus & No Kimchi for Me by Aram Kim, My Weird School series by Dan Gutman, and Mr. Lemoncello’s Library series by Chris Grabenstein

Calls to Action

Kids: Call The Story Seeds Hotline at 646-389-5153, email us at, or visit our website to submit your story ideas. You can also join The Story Seeds Society, our kids listeners club!

Grownups: Visit for subscription links, to sign up for our newsletter, and to download our printable activity e-zines for your kids (or the kid in you!). You can also follow us on Instagram @storyseedspod, on Twitter @litsafarimedia, and on Facebook @literarysafari.

Get our Imagination Lab: Experiments in Creativity activity book! It pairs perfectly with the podcast and features tons of episode-inspired prompts and projects! Order your copy here!

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