UNT 128: What If...?


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As the MCU brings us yet another show to consume, we decided to dive into the multiverse to not only ponder the question, but also review the new Disney + series – What If…? We took a look at what might happen if Agent Carter took the super serum, T’Challa became a Star Lord, Ultron, Yellowjacket and Killmonger won, Doctor Strange lost his heart, Dude Bro Thor and of course… zombies. Lots of zombies. Not to mention, the multitude of other unwieldly inquiries, such as why wasn’t Carol worthy, is Andrew W.K. the new Howard the Duck, and could Tom Cruise kick Jared’s ass? Find out the answers to these mysteries and many more, as UNT dares to ask – What If…? Hosted by: 'Captain Boomerang' Greig Tansley (@GreigT13). Featuring: 'Mean Girl Supreme' Tim Agne (@timagne) & 'Superjew' Jared Robinovitz (@Superjew75). Music by: R.E.M. & Black Sabbath.

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