"Tumblr Turned Me Trans." - Interview with Detransitioners Helena & Ryan


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We're told that for young people struggling with their gender identity, becoming transgender will bring about positive change. People, including young children, are sold the lie that being trans means they'll finally feel comfortable in their skin, living "their truth". It has never been easier to walk into a clinic and receive physically and emotionally altering hormones.
There are massive movements on social media platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, and TikTok that proclaim transitioning as the answer to any and all problems for those struggling to fit in and love themselves. What happens when teenagers and young adults buy into the Big Lie, take the hormones, and change who they are only to regret it a few years or even just months later?
On this episode of The Spillover, Helena Kerschner and Ryan Sereno tell their stories of struggling with gender identity, transitioning to the opposite gender, and then detransitioning once they realized they weren't actually trans.

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