“STORIES FROM AN FBI DIVER: Serial Killer Israel Keyes, Laci Peterson, & TWA Flight 800.” - with Bobby Chacon


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When you think of missing person cases, you might imagine groups of volunteers scouring fields or search dogs sifting through a forest or even faces on milk cartons from a past life. But not all disappearances are landlocked. Some crimes are buried deep beneath cold water, which is why it takes a specially trained individual to search depths where no one else can or will go. To tell the unique story of these professional divers is none other than Bobby Chacon – former FBI Special Agent, as well as the man who helped create the FBI Dive Team. Bobby is here to uncover what really happens to bodies underwater and during a plane crash like the infamous TWA Flight 800 when an airplane full of 230 passengers completely snapped in half mid-air after leaving JFK. Plus, he shares his experience of leading the dives for both Laci Peterson and Samantha Koenig – the last victim of serial killer Israel Keyes. AND we dig into the Body Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee and the Chris Watts case, before ending on whether or not the wrong people are currently running the FBI.
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