"Permission To Grieve: The Forgotten Fathers Impacted By Abortion." - with Victoria Robinson


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After enduring multiple tumultuous relationships in her early 20s, Victoria Robinson had one close call with abortion before she ultimately went through with another. This experience inevitably had profound effects on her mental health and left her with significant trauma that intensified the longer she kept it a secret. The truth, however, began to surface in her life as she attempted to heal. That’s when, after over a decade, she finally had contact with the father of her aborted child. Their conversation completely altered her perspective of the men impacted by abortion. Unbeknownst to her, his life had been ruined, too. Victoria has since dedicated her life to helping other men and women deal with the trauma of abortion. She is here to tell her powerful story, to encourage women who are facing the unimaginable, and to assure the fathers and mothers of aborted children that they, too, have permission to grieve – because abortion never helps, it only hurts.
You can find Victoria & order both of her amazing books–”They Lied to Us” and “They Lied to Us, Too”–HERE.

Find Reassemble HERE. Or email her at: victoria@reassemblelife.com

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