“My Kid’s School Charged Me $75k To See What She Was Learning. Now I’m Suing.” - With Nicole Solas


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Just how much would you be willing to risk in order to save your child's mind from indoctrination? Would you jeopardize your reputation? Risk your financial stability? Nicole Solas, a mom from Rhode Island, had to ask herself these very same questions when her kindergartener's school tried to prevent her from finding out what they would be teaching her daughter. What begins as a horror story about the dark demise of America’s public schools ends on an inspiring note. This is a story all about one mom who was willing to do whatever it took to protect her child from the clutches of Marxist ideology and the school system that wants to take our children from us.
Unfortunately, since the filming of this episode, Nicole Solas’ Twitter has been suspended by BIG TECH!

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