"I Killed Dirty John." - Interview with Terra Newell About Overcoming Trauma


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In 2017, the true crime podcast ‘Dirty John’ was released based on the life and death of the infamous John Meehan. He was a con man who married wealthy interior designer, Debra Newell, and lied about his identity to the entire Newell family. The podcast series became such a smash hit that Bravo created a television adaptation of the story with Connie Britton playing Debra Newell, Eric Bana as John Meehan, and Julia Garner playing one of Debra’s daughters, Terra Newell.
In this episode of ‘The Spillover,’ Alex Clark interviews Terra about KILLING John Meehan in self-defense, how that trauma derailed her life, and how she was ultimately able to get it back on track and help others overcome their own trauma.
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