The Athlete Mother Series: Consistency and Daily Actions


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The journey of being an athlete mother is an interesting one. From being a pregnant athlete to navigating life and training with a baby, there are so many personal insights to be gained! This podcast is segment is supported by Wahoo Fitness who has been a great partner during my journey as a pregnant athlete and new mom!

My husband, Matt Ewonus has joined me on many of these Athlete Motherhood series because parenthood is really what it's about! In this episode, we talked about how consistency is so key when you are an athlete mother.

"It’s like the grinch, you feel your heart growing from that little crunchy pea up into the bigger. You get wooed by this little person who is now looking at you with these adoring eyes and playing with you, and you just can’t help but melt. It’s just the funnest thing. Each month that goes by, he’s more and more engaging and more and more fun. And then you know how to push is buttons and how to make him laugh and how to have fun with him. Each month that goes by for me as a father- and it’s just the craziest thing even to say that word “father”. As a father, you start to feel more like a father and less like a provider."

-Matt Ewonus

Topics Discussed in the Podcast
  • the personal value of podcasting
  • consistency + grind
  • the power of daily actions
  • why train mental skills?
  • how having a baby has impacted our relationship
  • how we communicate as a couple
  • the relationship between older babies and fathers
  • nutrition tips for plant-based babies
Mental Skills for Athletes

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