Talking Plant-Based Diets with Matt Frazier


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Can you be plant-based and an elite athlete? Matt Frazier says absolutely yes.

Matt, a vegan ultra marathoner, author, and entrepreneur is a plant-based diet advocate, but he also knows it’s not for everyone. Founder of No Meat Athlete, Matt is all about providing the tools for thriving on a plant-based diet and how athletes can be at their very best with this type of nutrition.

Matt is known for his No Meat Athlete Radio podcast and his books, which have sold over 125,000 copies in five languages. His work has also been featured in books by Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra, Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Foods, and Seth Godin’s What to Do When It’s Your Turn. In addition, Sports Illustrated called The No Meat Athlete Cookbook one of the best Health & Wellness books.

Now he’s back with a new book The Plant Based Athlete, written in collaboration with Robert Cheeke. This book guides those interested in making the important shift to a plant-based diet in how to do so with the best, most transformative results.

In this week’s episode, I catch up with Matt on the creation of the No Meat Athlete, a deep dive into what you need to know about protein and carbs and how not to worry about what people think.

And check out my conversation about The Plant-Based Athlete with Robert Cheeke.

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