Empowering Female Athletes of All Ages with Sara Gross of Live Feisty


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Empowering female athletes and creating media around female heroes is the first step to bringing more women into sport. Sara Gross is a two-time Ironman Champion, founder of Live Feisty, and has her PhD in Women's History. Her advocacy for women's sports drove her to create Live Feisty. Live Feisty's mission is to create media, information, and support for female athletes. It's a media company that has a network of podcasts, articles, events, and more to help women move toward their potential.

"The first thing that came to my head was around how we create hero culture, especially here in North America. It’s really good to have heroes to look up to. But I think we sometimes emphasize talent over hard work or people that we see at the Olympic Games or elite athletes as having some kind of special talent that we don’t have. And then we underestimate exactly how much work has gone behind that elite athlete."

Sara Gross

We covered a lot of interesting topics in this podcast. Personally, I enjoyed Sara's perspective with her education background, her elite athlete background, and also her background as an entrepreneur. I think you'll enjoy it too!

Topics Discussed in the Podcast

  • pushing past glass ceilings & imposter syndrome
  • addressing hero culture
  • systemic barriers for women
  • creating Live Feisty
  • lessons in building community
  • menopause and performance as a budding field
  • parenting a daughter with inherent biases



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