SPI 510: The Secret to Staying Consistent


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#510 Earlier this week, we spoke with Dorie Clark, author of the brand new book The Long Game, about being in it for the long haul and doing the things now that will ensure long-term success in your business and your life. And we talked about a lot of strategies to ensure that you're always staying on top of your business, your community, and your physical and mental health. Today I want to talk a little about a related question: how do we remain consistent? Because if you're in it for the long haul in this creator economy, it can take a lot to remain consistent. It can be tough to be continually uploading and creating content, continually showing up for your community, and continually providing value. It takes a lot of energy. And having now created 510 episodes of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, nearly 1,200 episodes of AskPat, more than 1,000 videos on YouTube, and more than 1,000 blog posts, we've been pretty consistent. Now, I haven't been consistent the entire time. There've been moments where I've been derailed. But I got back on track, and it's thanks to the five lessons I'm going to share with you today. These are tips and strategies to help you show up and keep showing up for your business and your audience, so let's get into them. Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session510.

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