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Wait, what's happening? What happened to the regular episode? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?
Four shows simultaneously discussing Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness? That's right, it's an incursion--multiple podcast universes crashing into each other until all that's left is chaos! Or maybe... just maybe, if we work together, we can spin this into something great?
Announcing the launch of the Hall of Pods network, where a few indie nerd culture podcasts band together, to support one another and collaborate on interesting conversations. Don't worry, this won't change anything about our show, except that you'll probably hear more from the people on the other shows in future.
The Hall of Pods network currently includes The Fandom Optimists, Cape Corner, True Believers: A Comic Book PoDCast, and us! Find all of our links here. Check out these awesome podcasts!
Next week we will be reading Catwoman: Selina's Big Score. We invite you to read along with us.
Veronica's theme this season is Redemption (for characters we didn't like before). Monte's theme is Femme Fatales.
We finally appeared on The Colored Pages Book Club, to discuss the adorable Bingo Love! Also check out Monte, Veronica, and Melissa's separate guest appearances on Waiting on the Trade! Monte, Veronica, and Melissa also each appeared on Watching Netflix Without You! Veronica and Melissa appeared together on Super Sideshow to discuss the finale of the Hawkeye TV show, and Melissa appeared alone to discuss WandaVision (twice!). Monte appeared on The Fandom Optimists to discuss the third episode of Moon Knight.
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