1977 - The year of dreams and endless listening


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In 1977, I had been SWLing for a solid 5 or 6 years. I seemed like I was something of a veteran DXer by then. I have been making tapes since 1972 (but only really kept a solid and organized library since the Spring of 1975. I approached each cassette like it was a concept album. I was learning to play guitar so it made sense - that if my recordings were to make sense in the future that I need to catalog them properly and they needed to have some kind of theme. In my wisdom, I started producing what I would call “My greatest hits” cassette of that year - everything carefully logged and noted. One of the results was my “ID’s and Interval Series” in 1977 that mimicked to a certain extent, Ian McFarland’s Language series of ID’s with Doctor Richard Wood. Here is the result with the youthful sounding 17 year old me!

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